Fri, 6th Oct 2017, 23:59 The first program is to be written in LC-3 machine language

My students:

I have been told that some students want to jump ahead and write their first
program in LC-3 Assembly Language.  I commend them for their energy and
initiative, BUT I really do want you to have the experience of creating a
program in the language (0's and 1's) that the computer actually understands.

Please follow the directions stated in the programming assignment and submit
the .bin file, which consists of 0's and 1's.  In fact, I told Canvas to only
accept .bin files.  So, if you write a program in assembly language, Canvas
will reject it.

I realize that it is much easier to think of ADD rather than 0001 when you
wish to add two quantities, or TRAP rather than 1111 when you need the
operating system to do something for you.  Therefore, after this first
program, written in 0's and 1's, you will be able to write the remaining
four programs in EE306 in LC-3 Assembly Language.  I hope to start teaching
you LC-3 Assembly Language before the end of next week.

Good luck finishing the program by Tuesday night.

Yale Patt