Thur, 12th Oct 2017, 00:06 a couple of items, re: the midterm

My students,

A few items about the exam:

1. Students that require a special accomodation, re: SSD.  There are five
students in the class who I know require special accomodation with respect
to taking the midterm.  There may be others.  If you are one of them, please
send me email by 6pm tomorrow (Thursday), so I can be sure I know what special
accomodation I should plan on providing.  I am committed to providing the
accomodation SSD has suggested, but I need to know what that is in time to
plan.  Two students have sent me email already today.  They do not have to
send me another email.

Now, with respect to all of you:

2. The exam will be held in our classroom.  There are enough seats in
the room to accommodate all students, with an empty seat between each pair
of students.

3. Please bring your student ID card with you to the exam.  When you hand in
your exam, the TA will look at you, your picture ID, and your name on your
exam.  If everything agrees, he/she will accept your exam.  Please do not
forget your ID.  I can not accept your exam without checking to be sure it
is you who took the exam.  We have had cases where students hired advanced
students to take the exam for them.

4. Please leave any backpacks, books, calculators, laptops, etc. at the
front of the room.  Better still, leave all these things in your dorm or
apartment.  If you have a cell phone, it should either be in your backpack
or stay in your pocket.  It must not be in your hand at any point during the

5. You may bring to the exam 3 sheets of paper, on which you are free to write
anything you wish.  My objective is to provide a mechanism so you will not feel
the need to memorize anything.  The exam is closed book, so some students feel
the need to memorize.  If you feel the need to memorize something, write it on
one of the sheets of paper.  The paper can be as large as you wish.  The
handwriting can be as tiny as you wish.  My only constraint is that your
three sheets of paper must be original (not xeroxed) sheets in your own

6. We also will provide you as part of the exam a copy of the LC-3 state
machine, the LC-3 data path, and formats of the LC-3 instructions so there
is no reason to copy these on your three sheets of paper.

7. You will answer all questions on the exam sheets themselves.  You need not
purchase any kind of answer book for the exam.  Please write your name on all
pages of the exam.  If any page gets misplaced, we will know to whom it belongs.

8. You will have 80 minutes to take the exam.  At the end of 80 minutes, we
will ask you to stop writing.  If you write anything after that, we will not
accept your exam, resulting in a 0 for the first mid-term.

I think that is it.  If I think of anything else, I will let you know.

Good luck on the first midterm.  Get a good night's sleep the night before.
I want you to be able to do your best.

Best wishes,
Yale Patt