Tues, 28th Nov, 2017, 17:03 class tomorrow

My students,

At the start of class yesterday, I optimistically told you I would finish
interrupts AND the calculator in that lecture and would be able to use
tomorrow and next Monday for review of basic material, so if you felt you
did not need it, you were welcome to not come to class.

Per often, my optimism did not play out.  We did not get to the calculator
(chapter 10).

So, what I am planning to do in class tomorrow is first answer any questions
about interrupts, then the calculator from chapter 10, after which review
of basic material.

Next Monday I plan to continue reviewing basic material.  Wednesday,
December 6 and Monday, Dec 11 (the last two classes) will be my normal
last two classes.  The next to last class I will spend part of the lecture
talking about the transition from the LC-3 in EE306 to ARM in EE319K, and
also spend some time talking about important issues going on in the world of
computer engineering toay.  The last lecture is my regular "free for all,"
where you are free to ask any question about anything at all, technical,
academic, or even personal.  Of course, some questions I may not choose
to answer.

See you in class.  Good luck with the rest of the semester.

Yale Patt