Mon, 4th Dec, 2017, 22:46 Cheating

My students,

Sorry to interrupt your concentration on Programming Lab 4 with this news,
but I think it may be important to some of you.

We have started running the programs that check for cheating, and already we
have found cases of cheating on Lab 2.  Those students will get email to see
me when I have time to do so, where they will end up with a 0 on Lab 2, and
the loss of a full letter grade in the course.

I am letting you know this now in case you are having problems with Lab 4 and
are attempted to pool your thoughts with someone else in the class.  Please
don't do it.  The cheating programs have gotten pretty sophisticated, and you
will likely not succeed.  If you are one of those who cheated on Lab 2 and
think you were not caught, you are likely to be in for a surprise.  Please
do not think it worked for Lab 2 and so you may as well do it again on Lab 4.

I know that most of you do your work without resorting to cheating, and so
I apologize for interrupting your concentration with this email.  I am doing
so in hopes of getting those few of you who have resorted to cheating to not
do it again.

Good luck with Lab 4 and Lab 5 and the final exam.  We are now in the final
stages of your first semester here, and I encourage you to show your best.

Yale Patt