Problem Set Submission Instructions

Fall 2017

Problem sets are due by the start of class on the day stated in the syllabus. We encourage you to submit the problem set electronically on Canvas. Instructions for doing so can by found here.

We recognize that for some of you, the instructions for submitting electronically can be a bit intimidating at first. If that is the case with you, you may submit a hard copy of the prolems set in the box at the back of the classroom before the class starts. Problem sets submitted in class will receive full credit.

However, you should know that we want to get to the point before long where all problem sets are submitted electronically. Therefore, if you are uncomfortable submitting via Canvas now, please see a TA during office hours so he/she can hopefully help you learn how to submit electronically in time for the second problem set.

The student information sheet (one page) should be submitted in the box at the back of the classroom, also before class begins. Please permanently attach a recent photo to the information sheet. Tape probably works best, although staples can also do the job. There is plenty of room to fix the photo to the front of the form, which will make it much easier for Professor Patt to use.

A few important things to note:

  • We will not accept email submissions. If you email a TA or Professor Patt your problem set, the TA/Professor Patt will delete your email and ignore your submission.

  • If a problem set is done in a group, only one problem set should be turned in for that group. Please place ALL of the names of the group members on the problem set at the top of the page as well as the names and EIDs of the students in the comments section of the Canvas assignment page. Please see the electronic submission instructions for more information.

  • If the problem set is submitted in class, please write the name of the TA and the time of the discussion section that you would like it returned to.