EE306 Lecture, Discussion Section, and Office Hours Schedule

Fall 2017


Discussion Sections

For each discussion section, the table shows the time, and regular meeting place for the discussion sections.  Discussions meet in the regular classrooms listed in the UT Course Schedule unless you are told otherwise. You can attend any discussion section you feel comfortable with.

Unique TA Day & Time Room
15955 Jiahan Liu Th 900a to 1000a ECJ 1.316
15965 Aniket Deshmukh Th 1000a to 1100a ECJ 1.306
15970 Zachary Susskind F 1000a to 1100a ECJ 1.222
15975 Stephen Pruett Th 1100a to 1200p ECJ 1.306
15980 Meiling Tang F 1100a to 1200p ECJ 1.222
15985 Siavash Zangeneh Th 1200p to 100p ECJ 1.306
15995 Meiling Tang Th 100p to 200p EER 1.512
16005 Aniket Deshmukh Th 200p to 300p EER 1.512
There will be an extra discussion section on Sunday September 24th at RLM 5.112 3-4pm for students who miss Thursday or Friday sections because of observing religious holidays.

Remedial Discussion Sections

- For each remedial discussion section, the table shows the time and regular meeting place for the discussion sections.  Please note these are completely optional discussion sections that have been scheduled for you to attend based on your own need.

TA Day and Time Room
Zachary Susskind T 2:30p-5p RLM 14.318
Jiahan Liu T 7p-9:30p GDC 1.406

(last updated 9/20/17)

TA Office Hours

The chart below shows the office hours schedule. The location of TA office hours is EER 0.814E.