Sat, 25 Feb 2017, 22:26

My students,

A few things as you prepare for the first midterm.

1. If you have been approved by the the relevant on-campus office
for special accomodations regarding taking exams, and have not yet
talked to me, please do so after class on Monday.  So far, only one
student has talked to me, so I do not know if there are others.  I need
to know ahead of time what provisions I need to make, so please see me
in my office right after class on Monday.

2. Since our classroom will not accomodate all of you in an exam
setting, I have requested what they call a "spillover" room.  I am
trying to get one that is more comfortable for taking exams than what
they initially assigned to us, so please check the website on Tuesday
to confirm the spillover room.

3. If you all want a review session, I will hold one Monday, from 
7:30 until we are done.  I will reserve a room just in case, and 
confirm whther or not you want it, in class on Monday.  The process 
will be as follows:  I will answer questions.  I will not work 
problems for you.  I do not plan to cover any "new" stuff. If I 
accidentally cover new stuff, it will not be on the exam.  I will
continue to answer questions as long as you have questions. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

See you in class on Monday.

Yale Patt