Tue, 28 Feb 2017, 23:10

I am told that there may have been a problem with this email going to the entire
class, so I am resending.  I would rather you got two copies of this and none.

Good luck on the exam tomorrow.

Yale Patt

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A student writes:

> Good morning Dr. Patt,
> ...
> I did just want to clarify that we are allowed to bring three cheat sheets
> to the exam. Or did I mishear this?
> Best,
> <>

You heard correctly.  I prefer to give closed book exams, since I have seen
students waste too much time looking for "the answer" in an open book exam.
But I also do not want students to waste time memorizing.  I solve that
problem by allowing you to bring into the exam three sheets of paper.  Anything
you feel you should memorize you should instead write it on one of the three
sheets of paper.  The sheets can be as large as you wish, the writing can be
as small as you wish.  My only constraint is that it be in your own 
handwriting so I know it is you who generated the three cheat sheets.

Good luck on the exam.

Yale Patt

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