Mon, 1 May 2017, 23:42

> Hi Dr. Patt, 
> Apparently the attack today was tied to a group on campus that has been 
> vandalizing fraternity houses. Whether or not that’s true, many fraternities 
> made the decision to evacuate their houses for tonight. This whole ordeal 
> has made it difficult to finish up this report. Would it be okay if I turned 
> it in late? I am finishing it up now but I don’t think I will get it finished
> by midnight which is the cutoff on Canvas.  
> Thank you, 
> <> 

I just got this request 5 minutes ago.  I wish the student had sent it this 
afternoon, or that I was sensitive enough to see the problem coming.  I am 
sending my response to the entire class because this student may not be the 
only one having a problem finishing the report by midnight.  New deadline: 
tomorrow night at midnight.  If the TAs don't get this in time, re: Canvas, 
do not be concerned.  You will be able to submit the report tomorrow night 
without penalty.  

Also, I should remind you that the sixth lab is due at the end of the week.  
Most students find it very easy compared to Labs 4 and 5.  Please do not blow
it off.  It is easier than labs 4 and 5, but more importantly, it will give 
you some insights into a pipelined implemenation.

Finally, I recognize that today's events affect different students differently.
I have always said that sometimes our best intentions can be thwarted by life 
getting in the way.  When that happens, we need to stop what we are doing, take
care of life, get past it, and then move forward.  If today's events affected 
you drastically, and you need to discuss anything with me, please feel free 
to get in touch with me.  I will be around most of tomorrow (Tuesday) and 
Wednesday if you want to email me or come by.  I leave for Sweden on Thursday.

Good luck with the rest of the course.

Yale Patt