Sun, 7 May 2017, 10:22

A student writes:

> Hi Dr. Patt,
> On previous exams we were allowed to bring up to 3 pages (of any size) of
> notes. For the final will we be allowed to bring another 3 pages of notes?


> If so, are we allowed to tape together the pages of notes from previous
> exams so we don't have to re-copy all the information?
Sure.  Since I did not restrict the size of your pages, how can I refuse!
However, you might find it more useful to go through your six pages and see what
you want to keep, what you want to delete, and most important, what you need
to refresh your understanding of.  But all that is your call.  I see no reason
to deny you the use of tape.

> Thanks,
> <>

Good luck on the last lab and on the final exam.

Yale Patt