[48319] Anne Fulwood married [48318] Richard Gunne

[96638] Robert Fulwood
b. c1515 Tanworth, Co Warwick [Hale-House 777-782]
d. c1576 Aston Cantlow, Co Warwick [NEHGR 84:290]

[96639] ?

[193276] Robert Fulwood
b. c1485 [Hale-House 777-782]

[193277] Margaret Mitton
b. c1490 [Hale-House 777-782]
d. ?

.in +.5i [Hale-House 777-782] RF of Clay Hall in Tanworth, Co Warwick. MM is described on the Fulwood pedigree as the daughter and heiress of John Mitton of Shrewsbury, Shropshire. No john has been identified in the Shropshire branch suitable to be her father. The alleged royal line is obtained by identifying her father as John Mitton of Weston, Shropshire (b c1445, d 7 February 1499/1500), but she is not named as his daughter either in his will or in the Inquisition postmortem.

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