Rosemary D. Wren & Peter M. Crotty

The Oxshott Pottery, Nutwood Steading, Strathpeffer
Ross and Cromarty, Scotland, IV14 9DT

Since man first discovered clay it has been used to express his kinship with the three worlds of which he is a part. Using potters' techniques, Rosemary and Peter make scuptural ceramics - Rosemary's work relating immediately to her surroundings, Peter's being mediated through a web of words.

Working from her own drawings of living creatures, Rosemary makes shapes that follow the dictates of her personal method of construction - welding thin flat strips of clay into a hollow skin. Typical elements of patter incised into the soft surface make boundaries for glazes, matt and shiny, brush-painted after the first firing by either Peter or Rosemary. The second firing is to stoneware temperature - 1260C - in an oxidizing electric kiln.

For further details, see "Animal Forms and Figures" by Rosemary Wren, in the "Complete Potter Series" (B.T. Batsford) 1990. ISBN 0 7134 61276.