These pressed joins make a network of creases and chinks that hold washes of color in interesting ways emphasizing the texture of the clay and producing decoration that grows out of the construction whilst still being related to the patters of fur and feather. I am treating chinks and gaps as a natural part of the construction that reveals the hollowness of the object. Clay fired to stoneware temperature - 1260C - is immensely strong.

By this means a new way forward is opening up that will give continued life to many old friends no longer with us - the cat family that we took over in Devon: Our Ginger and the Little Old Tortoiseshell Cat, her handsome black-and-white son Thomas Cat and his mate Calico Kittypuss; the Winter Blackbird that sat on the back fence at Potterscroft; the pigeon in Lord Mayor's Show regalia and the tame geese in Regent's Part - and new ideas present themselves. Pattapaws Cat has taken on a new importance, Survana the Sheltie has been joined by a very decorative little friend Pippali; here also in the Highlands of Scotland there are spectacular landscapes demanding to be made in clay in the same manner as the creatures.

Please don't hesitate to phone if you are interested in our work. If you would like one our two-page leaflets, please send international reply coupons to cover its weight. Drawings of our pieces are also available, but of course each of our pieces is somewhat different from the last, being a re-interpretation of the original idea, not a copy. Direct sales are priced 15% less than the list price. Shops in general expect a 40% discount, then sell at the list price to cover their expenses and VAT. The selling price will be higher from shops and galleries requiring a higher profit margin.