International Software Process Association (ISPA)

International Conference on the Software Process

The Brighton Metropole, Tuesday - Thursday 3-5 December


Following on the themes of ICSP 1 (Manufacturing Complex Systems), ICSP 2 (Continuous Software Process Improvement), and ICSP 3 (Applying Software Process), ICSP 4 will particularly address improvement of software processes in practice. This theme includes the improvement of the underlying technology such as the description formalisms or measurement paradigms. The conference will also focus on the improvement of the development process itself including, for example, evolution of processes and process models or the results of process assessment studies. The proceedings of the ICSP series are published by IEEE CS Press. The conference sessions include refereed papers, invited presentations, and panel discussions. The ICSP series has been founded and promoted by the International Software Process Association (ISPA) as a forum for software process researchers, engineers and practitioners to meet and exchange ideas about the software process and related disciplines. The ISPA is an international non-profit association concerned with the advancement of software and other processes in science, technology, and practice. The series evolved from the former steeriung committees of the ICSP and ISPW (International Software Process Workshop) series.

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