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Title: Internet/Intranet for business processes
Tutor: Enrico Fagnoni, Gualtiero Bazzana (Onion)

Who should attend

The tutorial is targeted to managers who want to understand how to benefit from new business opportunities, to streamline business processes, and to support effective groupware management. Participants are assumed to possess an user's knowledge of the basic Internet facilities as a starting point for the tutorial.


The goal of the tutorial is to provide an extensive view of the improvement opportunities that can be achieved through an effective take-up of advanced communications technologies. The key points of the tutorial can be summarised as follows:

- to have an overview of the current state of the art in Internet and Intranet;

- to provide a snapshot about the emerging technologies in the field; - to analyse how Internet and Intranet can leverage business operations; - to report on successful case studies.

Particular emphasis will be put on SPI-related aspects, such as work groups, collaborative projects, quality management systems based on WWW, distance learning, and WWW sites related with BPR/TQM/SPI.


Internet/Intranet state of the art: Internet today; Internet tooling; Internet for the enterprise (towards Intranet); Intranet opportunities.

A snapshot of emerging technologies: security and privacy; multi- media; video-conferencing; web authoring and testing; cooperative support; searching and finding; JAVA; research directions at international level.

Leveraging business through Internet/Intranet: business on the Web (strategies and economics); electronic commerce; enhancing marketing; usage of the Web for internal processes (challenges and opportunities): support for Business Process Reengineering; merging Intranet with your MIS; Internet and Software Process Improvement; impact on productivity and business goals.

Case studies: Internet at work (case studies from industry); Intranet at work (case studies from industry); Internet/ Intranet in daily routine work; handling your QMS on the Web; setting up and managing collaborative transnational projects; distance learning; process improvement in Internet service providing; WWW sites related to BPR/TQM/SPI.

Benefits for those attending

Participants will get from this tutorial a fresh update on the current state of the art, and pragmatic guidance on the application of the technologies for the improvement of business processes.

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