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Title: Measuring product quality
Tutor: Bill Harmon (Software Productivity Research)

Who should attend

Quality assurance managers, project managers, project leaders, senior analysts responsible for the quality of software projects.


This tutorial/workshop deals with the concepts of measuring software development quality, in order to establish benchmarks and to provide the opportunity for product quality improvement. The requirements for predicting product quality will be outlined. Measurements include quality activities in relation to function points being delivered.

Participants will learn techniques for measuring actual quality delivered against predicted quality, in order to analyse gaps and to provide continuous improvement opportunities. The tutorial will help identify those activities that contribute to quality throughout each phase of the life cycle of a project. Staffing levels and costing of a quality measurement programme are also covered.

Contents Topics: introduction; defining quality concepts; quality assessment baselining; estimating defects; quality in the life cycle; quality planning; defect prevention and removal; quality model; managing quality; quality assurance; Total Quality Management.

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