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Title: Basic Internet services: a fast track
Tutor: Werner Kerschenbauer (Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Who should attend

The tutorial addresses managers who do not understand much about Internet, who want to get connected to Internet in future, and who want to bridge the gap between them and their technicians who tell them amazing stories of this wonderful new technology. The tutorial has been designed so that participants may attend the second half of tutorial F2 in the afternoon.


Introduction: what is Internet? how does it work? evolution over the last 15 years.

Internet services: e-mail, mailing lists, ftp, ARCHIE, Usenet, how to distribute articles, Gopher, VERONICA, WAIS.

World Wide Web: Hypertext, HTML, HTTP, URLs, hyperlinks; WWW pages, servers, sites and clients.

Internet connectivity: modems and Internet providers; ISDN connection; full Internet connection; costs related with the different solutions.

Other topics: security (firewalls, gateways); hypermedia (Java, VRML, 3D and movies); search engines and smart agents; Intranet.

Future developments: TVs with integrated Internet functionality; how do leading media firms see Internet's future application?

Quality of Internet information: can information be fast, cheap and good at the same time? information paradise or desert?

ISCN: what is ISCN and how does it support this type of networking? advantages from a "network of companies and networks" like ISCN.

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