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Title: Implementing a risk management method for SPI
Tutor: Claude Maupetit (CR2A - Di)

Who should attend

Project managers, those responsible for methods and quality assurance.


To share experience from the DriveSPI project on risk management implementation in software projects. To describe the various steps of the method, its strengths, and some of the difficulties encountered.


Global description of the method: introduction to risk management; the four steps; project and risk management; tools.

Feedback from the field: identification, assessment, action plan and follow-up steps; for each step - techniques, strengths, difficulties.

Implementing risk management: what already exists (project management practice, communication flow, quality assurance procedures); step by step implementation (according to maturity, level of risks, and resources); practical advice for each step.

Benefits for those attending

Not just another method, but practical guidelines. Ideas on risk management to take home and use.

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