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Title: The SEI CMM: a practical model for SPI - a hands-on guide to getting started
Tutor: Eamonn McGuinness (AIMware Ltd)

Who should attend

This tutorial is particularly suited to those looking for a "Getting Started" guide to the SEI CMM. It will help to explain, in a practical and real world way, what is involved with SEI CMM.


Relating the SEI CMM to your software problems. Exercise, presentation and discussion on how the CMM is structured, scaleable and related to the software quality issues of participants' organisations, no matter what their size.

The Long and the Short Methods. Classic SEI CMM assessment approach (long, but with good benefits). Shorter workshop approach. Participants will be able to reuse this short method to get a quick but accurate profile of their own groups as soon as they go back to their organisations. It can also be used as an interim method (e.g. every 6 months) between longer assessments (e.g. every 2 years).

What does an SEI organisation look like? What an organisation does when operating at the different levels (with real-world case studies and working samples of documentation). Costs and benefits of operating to the SEI CMM model.

The way forward - how to get started. It has to be a project! An SEI recommended approach to improving with the CMM (or any other model) will be presented in template form. The model presented is designed to help groups overcome the organisational as well as technical problems associated with improving the software process

SEI CMM in perspective. Comparison with ISO 9001, TickIT, Malcolm Baldrige, SPICE, TQM - and any other model or approach delegates care to raise!

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