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SP'96 - Tutorials

Title: Meeting the business objectives
Tutor: Richard Stevens and Ken Jackson (Requirements Engineering Ltd)

Who should attend

Managers, systems engineers, technical directors, software managers and software engineers.


The aim of the tutorial is to position software development within a business and systems context, and to show how the organizational goals of market share, customer satisfaction, quality and development efficiency can be translated into requirements and then into the individual projects.


The core of the course covers the lifecycle for systems development, and how that lifecycle can be tailored for particular needs. The importance of software for all modern companies is covered. The course outlines how software should be managed inside large systems projects. The organisation of multiple software projects is covered. This approach demands discipline from both management and software engineers. The pivotal role of requirements management throughout the process is shown.

The material reflects real experience of management and technical interaction with industrial companies. The course presenters are involved with methods training at most aerospace, telecoms and automotive companies both in the Europe and the USA. The tutorial is a specifically-designed summary of material given at companies such as AT&T, General Motors, DERA, Northrop-Grumman and Boeing. Normally the material is provided only in-house to such companies at high expense, so this offers a unique opportunity.

Benefits for those attending

The tutorial will interest software engineers who wish to understand the context of their work and wish to be able to enhance the position for software within the organization. It will also be highly relevant to non-specialist managers who wish to improve software efficiency across the organisation. Each participant will receive a complete copy of all the material presented.

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