ICSP5: Computer Supported Organizational Work

Integrating Active Databases, Coordination, Method Engineering, Process, and Workflow technologies

14-17 June 1998
Chicago, Illinois, USA
at the Lisle/Naperville Hilton Hotel

Sponsored by the International Software Process Association (ISPA)
In cooperation with ACM SigSoft
Industrial Sponsors: Lucent Technologies, Motorola

ICSP5 Conference Registration

Payment must be made by US dollar check payable to ISPA, or by Visa or Mastercharge.
Sorry, foreign-currency checks.
POs must be approved by the registrar prior to the conference.

Fax to	Faith E. Perry - ICSP5 Registrar
	c/o Dewayne E. Perry (+1.908.582.5809)

Mail to	Faith E. Perry
	ICSP5 Registrar
	125 Beechwood Road
	Summit NJ 07901

Conference Registration Costs (lunches included):

   Tutorials		 By 29 May	After 29 May
      Student		   $100		   $150
      Regular		   $250		   $300		________

      Student		   $150		   $200
      Regular		   $375		   $450		________

						Total:	________

   For companies sending 5 or more people to the conference, contact
   Dewayne E. Perry (dep@research.bell-labs.com or +1.908.582.2529)
   for industrial sponsor and group rates.

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