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The software industry manufactures (and maintains and evolves) large, complex artifacts - software systems. Its products need to be of high quality and reasonable cost, and to be delivered on time and within budget. One important way to achieve these objectives is to improve the manufacturing process - the software process. A software process is a set of steps for creating and evolving software systems that encompasses both technical and managerial concerns. Over the last twelve years a community of researchers, developers and practitioners has grown up with particular concern for the improvement of the software process, and the extension of technology developed to support the software process to supporting processes in other areas.

The International Software Process Association (ISPA) was founded to provide a professional association for the community concerned with advancement of Software and other Process in science, technology and practice. To this end, ISPA's main initial activity is to organize, schedule, promote, sponsor, and arrange publication of the proceedings of a series of international workshops, the International Software Process Workshops (ISPWs), and a series of international conferences, the International Conferences on the Software Process (ICSPs).

To date ten ISPWs and four ICSPs have been held, in locations including England, Japan, and Germany as well as the USA. (Some of the proceedings are still available)

ISPA distributes information about process-related events and about progress in the field of process to its members. Initially, this will be on an ad-hoc basis. In the longer term, this information distribution may include a regular bulletin or other publication. Information can be obtained by writing to

                Faith Perry
                ISPA Administrator

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