Switching Between Multiplexing and Diversity
Based on Constellation Distance


Robert W. Heath Jr  and A.J. Paulraj


Proc. of Allerton Conf. on Comm. Control and Comp., Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 2000.


Multiple transmit and receive antenna systems have recently become of interest because they have been shown to possess enormous capacities [1]. Two practical techniques for space-time modulation in such systems are transmit diversity and spatial multiplexing. In this paper we propose criteria for choosing between these two schemes given partial channel feedback to the transmitter. In addition we are able to identify channels over which multiplexing is preferred, determined by the channel condition number and the data rate. Simulations demonstrate performance improvements in terms of symbol error rate as a result of switching between the two signaling modes.


MIMO, diversity, multiplexing, diversity-multiplexing tradeoff

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