Characterization of MIMO channels for spatial multiplexing systems


Robert W. Heath Jr, and A.J. Paulraj


Proc. of IEEE International Conf. on Communications, Helsinki, Finland,  June 11 - 14, 2001.


Future wireless systems will employ multiple antennas at both transmitter and receiver to take advantage of large capacity gains. Two competing spatial modulation techniques for such systems are multiplexing, for high spectrum efficiency; and diversity, for high reliability. In this paper we show that the Demmel (1988) condition number of a MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) channel characterizes its suitability for multiplexed transmission, over diversity transmission, based on a minimum Euclidean distance comparison. We examine the probability of obtaining channels suitable for multiplexing as a function of constellation, rate, and number of antennas, for i.i.d. flat-fading Rayleigh matrix channels.



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