Capacity maximizing linear space-time codes


Robert W. Heath Jr, and  A.J. Paulraj


Proc. of International Symposium on Signals, Systems, and Electronics, Tokyo, Japan, July 24-27, 2001.


Wireless systems with multiple transmit and receive antennas (MIMO systems) provide high spectrum efficiency due to the plurality of modes created by the spatial channel. In this paper we present a MIMO space-time code design criterion, for the linear coding framework in Ganesan and Stoica (2000) in which codewords are linear combinations of certain codeword matrices. Our codes improve on spatially multiplexed signaling by providing redundancy between streams thus enabling both high rate and high link reliability. We present a closed form solution for a class of code designs which are guaranteed to achieve a certain fraction of the ergodic capacity between transmitter and
receiver. Monte Carlo simulations illustrate performance of the proposed codes in narrowband MIMO Rayleigh fading channels.


MIMO, linear dispersion codes, space-time codes

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