Diversity Performance of Precoded Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes Using Limited Feedback


David J. Love and Robert W. Heath Jr.


IEEE Communications Letters vol. 8, pp. 305-307, May 2004.


Orthogonal space-time block codes (OSTBCs) are simple space-time codes that can be used for open-loop transmit diversity systems. OSTBCs, however, can only be designed for certain numbers of transmit antennas. Channel-dependent linear precoders have been proposed to overcome this deficiency, but it is not clear what conditions the precoder design must satisfy to guarantee full diversity order. In this letter, we show necessary and sufficient conditions for linear precoded OSTBCs to provide full diversity order. We show that limited feedback precoding can achieve full diversity order using fewer bits than limited feedback beamforming. We also present a simplified version of antenna subset selection for OSTBCs that can provide full diversity order with low complexity and only a small amount of feedback. significant performance improvements in i.i.d., flat-fading Rayleigh matrix channels with minimal feedback.

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