A Decision Directed Receiver for OFDM Systems with Transmit Diversity


Jaekwon Kim, Byungchul Jang, Robert W. Heath Jr and Ed Powers 


in Proc. of the Military Communications Conference , Boston, MA, USA on October 13-16, 2003.



When the Alamouti code is applied (as a space-time block code) to an OFDM system with transmit diversity, the simple Alamouti decoding requires that each subchannel is flat-fading and constant over two symbol periods(Alamouti codeword period). The second requirement makes the Alamouti decoding scheme not suitable for time varying channels. In this paper, we propose a new decision directed receiver to better accommodate time varying channels.


MIMO systems, space-time codes, OFDM, Alamouti space-time code, channel tracking

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