An Unequal Power Allocation Scheme for JPEG Image Transmission


Muhammad Farooq Sabir, Robert W. Heath Jr., Alan C. Bovik


In proceedings of International conference on computing, communications and control technologies, Aug 14-17, 2004, Vol: 5, pages: 346-350.


With the introduction of high data rates in the emerging wireless standards, real-time multimedia communication is becoming common in wireless communication systems. The need for efficient joint source-channel coding (JSCC) and power optimization is growing as these new multimedia services, especially images and videos are introduced in commercial wireless communication systems. These techniques cover a wide range of source coding standards, channel coding and modulation techniques, and optimization methods. In this paper, we present an unequal power allocation scheme (UPA) for progressive JPEG compressed images for transmission over noisy and fading channels. The image is coded in different quality layers, that are transmitted using unequal power with a constraint on the total transmit power over the length of the bitstream. The total power is distributed between the different coded layers in such a way that the total distortion in the reconstructed image is minimized. Such unequal power allocation schemes have not been developed for JPEG compressed images in the past. Results show a peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) gain of 6.5 dB over an equal power allocation scheme at low values of signal to noise ratio (SNR)

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