11n Partial Proposal:
Quantized Precoding with Feedback


Robert W. Heath Jr., Johann Chiang, Bishwarup Mondal, and Roopsha Samanta


Presented to the IEEE 802.11n Meeting, Berlin, Germany, September 2004.


This document describes the technical specification and FRCC compliance report of „Quantized Precoding with Feedbackš for IEEE 802.11n as a partial prospal. The proposed system is based on 802.11a and provides robust operating modes with backward compatibility through the use of precoding based on limited channel state information at the transmitter. The existing RTS/CTS mechanism is used to inform the transmitter about the channel state. Quantizing the precoding matrices using codebook of precoding matrices reduces the overall feedback requirements. PHY and MAC enhancements are discussed.


MIMO systems, quantized precoding, limited feedback, 802.11n

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