Multiplexing / Beamforming Switching for Coded-MIMO in

Spatially-Correlated Rayleigh Channels


Matthew R. McKay, Iain B. Collings, Antonio Forenza and Robert W. Heath Jr


IEEE Trans. on Veh. Tech, vol. 56, no. 5, part 1, pp. 2555-2567, Sept. 2007.


This paper considers low complexity transmission for MIMO bit-interleaved coded modulation (BICM) in spatially-correlated Rayleigh channels. We consider both statistical beamforming (SB) and spatial-multiplexing with a zero-forcing (ZF) receiver. We calculate the link-level capacity of both schemes, and derive tight closed-form bit error rate (BER) expressions based on a saddlepoint approximation. We then propose a practical adaptive algorithm which selects the best combination of code-rate, modulation format, and low complexity MIMO transmission scheme (SB or ZF) for a given channel correlation and SNR. The algorithm uses the analytic BER expressions to determine the switching conditions, in order to maximize system throughput whilst maintaining a pre-dened acceptable BER.

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