Limited Feedback Diversity Techniques for Correlated Channels


David J. Loveand Robert W. Heath Jr


IEEE Trans. on Vehic. Tech., vol. 55, no. 2, pp. 718-722, March 2006.


Employing multiple antennas at the transmitter is a well-established technique for providing diversity advantage in wireless systems. Transmit beamforming relies on the assumption of current channel knowledge at the transmitter, which is unrealistic when the forward and reverse links are separated in frequency. One solution to this problem is for the receiver to send a small number of feedback bits that convey channel information to the transmitter. Feedback design techniques have been proposed over the past few years, but they were derived using the assumption of spatially uncorrelated Rayleigh fading. This correspondence addresses the design of limited feedback beamformers when the channel is correlated.

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