Efficient Transmit Antenna Selection for Multiuser MIMO Systems with Block Diagonalization


R. Chen, J. G. Andrews, and R. W. Heath, Jr.


Proc. of IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, Washington, DC, USA, pp. 3499-3503, 26-30 Nov. 2007.


Block diagonalization is a precoding technique for multiuser MIMO systems that pre-cancels inter-user interference at the transmitter side. When there are a large number of base station antennas but a limited number of RF amplifiers, the system performance can be significantly improved by switching a subset of antennas to the RF chains and exploiting antenna selection diversity. The optimal antenna subset can be obtained by exhaustively searching over all possible antenna combinations. This brute-force search, however, is prohibitively complicated and impractical. To reduce the complexity, in this paper we propose several low-complexity suboptimal transmit selection algorithms that minimize a symbol error rate (SER) upper bound or maximize a capacity lower bound. Simulation results show that our proposed algorithms perform very close to the optimal exhaustive search, while the complexity is much lower.

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