Capacity Scaling for MIMO Two-Way Relaying



Rahul Vaze and Robert. W. Heath Jr.


In Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory 2007, Nice, France, June 24-29 2007, pp. 1451 - 1455.


This paper considers capacity scaling in the recently proposed two-way MIMO (multiple input multiple output) relay channel. In the two-way relay channel, two nodes use a relay for exchanging data with each other. Under the assumption that each node has perfect channel state information and all nodes work only in half duplex mode, this paper shows that the capacity scales linear with the number of transmit antennas and logarithmically with the number of relays, as the number of relays grows large. This result shows that with two-way relay channels it is possible to asymptotically (in the number of relays) obtain full-duplex performance while using only half-duplex nodes..