Capacity Analysis Methodology and Performance Evaluation of MIMO Arrays for Multimedia Delivery in Aircraft



Ramya Bhagavatula, Robert. W. Heath Jr, Antonio Forenza,and Sriram Vishwanath .


submitted to the IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine


In this article, a capacity analysis methodology is proposed that can be used to evaluate multiple-input multipleoutput (MIMO) channel capacity and optimize antenna placement locations and array configurations in propagation environments where it is difficult to obtain measurements. Measurement data or ray-tracing simulations are used to obtain channel parameters necessary for capacity evaluation. The proposed methodology is applied to an aircraft scenario to evaluate the average capacity in an aircraft, as a function of seat location. It is shown in the article that the hollow-tube structure of aircraft provides a scattering-rich environment necessary to make MIMO feasible. The proposed methodology is also used to optimize antenna placement locations and array configurations to generate maximum performance gains within the aircraft.