Implementation of a Real-Time Wireless Interference Alignment Network


Jackson W. Massey, Jonathan Starr, Seogoo Lee, Dongwook Lee, Andreas Gerstlauer, and Robert W. Heath Jr.


Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems & Computers, pp. 104 - 108, Nov. 2012.


This paper describes a testbed that implements real-time interference alignment (IA) for a network with three MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) user pairs using software defined radio techniques. The IA implementation relies on a wired backbone to share the global channel state information and a shared clock for frequency and timing synchronization. The tesbed is used to demonstrate the viability of IA, and to show its robustness to several alternative transmission strategies including TDMA with spatial multiplexing and beamforming in terms of sum rates. The paper highlights key challenges in developing the testbed, and outlines several directions for future work to make it more realistic, such as removing the wired backbone.

The paper is available on IEEE Xplore.