Data Sharing Coordination and Blind Interference Alignment for Cellular Networks


Salam Akoum, Chung Shue Chen, Merouane Debbah, and Robert W. Heath, Jr.


Global Communications Conference, pp. 4273-4277, Dec. 2012.


We consider coordination in a multi-user multiple input single output cellular system. In contrast with existing base station cooperation methods that rely on sharing CSI with or without user data to manage interference, we propose to share user data only. We consider a system where blind interference alignment (BIA) is applied to serve multiple users in each cell. We apply interference coordination through data sharing to mitigate other-cell interference at the cell-edge users. While BIA mitigates intra-cell interference in MU-MISO systems, it does not address the problem of inter-cell interference. We apply interference coordination through data sharing to mitigate inter-cell interference at the cell-edge users. We propose a new cooperative BIA scheme that takes into account the users whose data is being shared between adjacent base stations. We derive the achievable sum rate with interference mitigation and we compare it to achievable rates with the original BIA strategy. Numerical results show that the achievable sum rate of the cell-edge users with data sharing decreases with increasing number of served users in each cell and increasing number of antennas at the base stations.