Multicell Cooperative Systems with Multiple Receive Antennas

Insoo Hwang, Chan-Byoung Chae, Jungwon Lee, and Robert W. Heath, Jr.


submitted to IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, June 2012, revised August 2012.


Multicell cooperation now plays a key role in achieving the theoretical network throughput. Multicell cooperation with a single receive antenna at the mobile station has, in the literature, been widely investi- gated. It has been met with challenges, however, in being extended to multiple receive antennas, present in several emerging wireless standards. This is primarily because the transmit precoding/beamforming vector and receive processing have to be jointly optimized with sometimes global network knowledge, which in practice makes it infeasible. In this article, we first discuss the role of the receive antennas in a multi-cell environment and then review recently proposed multicell cooperative algorithms and receive antenna techniques for different interference statistics. Finally, we discuss about the fundamental limits of cooperation and the possibility of overcoming such limits by using multiple receive antennas in multicell cooperative networks.