Degrees of Freedom of Completely-Connected Multi-Way Interference Networks


Namyoon Lee and Robert W. Heath, Jr.


Submitted to IEEE ISIT 2013, Jan. 2013.


This paper considers a fully-connected interference network with a relay in which multiple users equipped with a single antenna want to exchange multiple unicast messages with other users in the network by sharing the relay equipped with multiple antennas. For such a network, the optimal degrees of freedom (DoF) are derived by providing both converse and achievability. Further, considering single-antenna relays in the three-user fully-connected interference network, it is shown that three distributed relays with a single antenna is sufficient to achieve the optimal DoF. A major implication of the derived DoF results is that a relay with multiple antennas or distributed relays employing a single antenna increases the capacity scaling law of the multi-user interference network when multiple directional information flows are considered, even if the networks are fully-connected and all nodes operate in half-duplex. These results verify an intuition that the relay is useful in the interference network with practical considerations.

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