Capacity Analysis of One-Bit Quantized MIMO Systems with Transmitter Channel State Information


Jianhua Mo and Robert W. Heath, Jr.


Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, October 2014


With bandwidths on the order of a gigahertz in emerging wireless systems, high-resolution analog-to-digital convertors (ADCs) become a power consumption bottleneck. One solution is to employ low resolution one-bit ADCs. In this paper, we analyze the flat fading multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channel with one-bit ADCs. Channel state information is assumed to be known at both the transmitter and receiver. For the multiple-input single-output channel, we derive the exact channel capacity. For the single-input multiple-output and MIMO channel, we derive bounds on the high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) capacity. Two efficient methods are proposed to design the input symbols to approach the capacity achieving solution. We incorporate millimeter wave channel characteristics and find the bounds on the high SNR capacity. The results show how the number of paths, number of transmit antennas, and number of receive antennas impact the capacity at high SNR. In the special case when there is only one path, we find the capacity-achieving transmission strategy. Our results provide insights into the high SNR behavior of the MIMO capacity with one-bit ADCs.