Capacity and Coverage in Clustered LOS mmWave Ad Hoc Networks


A. Thornburg and R. W. Heath, Jr.


submitted to IEEE Global Communications Confererence (GLOBECOM), Washington DC, December 4-8, 2016.


Recent advancements in manufacturing and favorable regulatory positions make millimeter wave (mmWave) a target for next-generation wireless networks. For a variety of use-cases, it is reasonable to assume users will be clustered around a central point (e.g. WiFi hotspot) rather than uniformly located. In this paper, we develop closed form expressions for the capacity of clustered mmWave ad hoc networks under two channel access assumptions: uncoordinated channel access (UCA) and TDMA. We show that with directional antenna arrays UCA can outperform TDMA in terms of per cluster capacity if the cluster density is not too large. We define and develop a method for characterizing the balance between the intra-cluster coverage with the inter-cluster coverage. For small cluster sizes, the required inter-cluster distance severely impacts the inter-cluster communication rate.