Auxiliary Beam Pair Enabled AoD and AoA Estimation in mmWave FD-MIMO Systems


Dalin Zhu, Junil Choi, and Robert W. Heath, Jr.


To appear in Proc. of the IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, Washington, DC, Dec. 4-8, 2016


Before any of the promised gains can be harnessed in millimeter-wave multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, channel estimation is a fundamental problem that has become an active research topic. In this paper, auxiliary beam pair design is developed to provide high-resolution estimates of channel's elevation/azimuth angle-of-departure (AoD) and angle-of-arrival (AoA) for millimeter-wave full-dimension MIMO (FD-MIMO) systems. Pairs of custom designed analog beams are formed at both the transmitter and receiver to help acquire channel information. It is shown via simulation results that by employing the proposed method, promising elevation/azimuth AoD and AoA estimation performance can be achieved under various signal-to-noise ratio levels and channel conditions.