One-Bit ADCs in Wideband Massive MIMO Systems with OFDM Transmission


Christopher Mollen, Junil Choi, Erik G. Larsson, and Robert W. Heath, Jr.


To appear in Proc. ICCASP 2016, Shanghai, April.


We investigate the performance of wideband massive MIMO base stations that use one-bit ADCs for quantizing the uplink signal. Our main result is to show that the many taps of the frequency-selective channel make linear combiners asymptotically consistent and the quantization noise additive and Gaussian, which simplifies signal processing and enables the straightforward use of OFDM. We also find that single-carrier systems and OFDM systems are affected in the same way by one-bit quantizers in wideband systems because the distribution of the quantization noise becomes the same in both systems as the number of channel taps grows.