Sujay Sanghavi

Associate Professor
Sujay Sanghavi 

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wireless Networking and Communications Group
University of Texas, Austin

lastname “at” mail “dot” utexas “dot” edu

Research Interests:

  • Machine Learning

  • High-dimensional statistics

  • Networks

  • Optimization and numerical linear algebra


  • 11/2014 My former student, Siddhartha Banerjee, now a postdoc at Stanford, is on the job market.

  • 08/2014 My third PhD student, Praneeth Netrapalli defends his thesis; joins as a postdoc at Microsoft Research New England.

  • 06/2013 My second PhD student, Siddhartha Banerjee successfully defends his thesis, and lands a postdoc in Stanford; congrats Sid !

  • 02/2013 New paper: Online Load Balancing Under Graph Constraints, accepted to Sigmetrics 2013.

  • 01/2013 Announcing: Simons postdoctoral fellowships at UT Austin. A new multi-year program for postdocs doing research in the mathematics of information (broadly defined). Do apply !

  • 05/2012 First PhD student Ali Jalali graduates. Congrats Ali !