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Cache Finds
Total Found: 703 (# found/attended logs) Find Rate: 0.962 per day (6.7 per week, 351 per year)
Caches: 687 (# unique caches visited) Avg. difficulty / terrain: 1.91 / 1.71
# Archived: 147 (21%) FTFs: 71
Avg. in 1 day: 3.7 Oldest Cache: Hill Country Bounty (GC204 placed 2/4/2001)
Most in 1 day: 22 Most in 1 month: 76
My Goal: 1337 by 12/31/2007    

Days Cached
Total days cached: 191 (every 3.8 days or 26.1%) Most consecutive days with a find: 8
Most in 1 month: 18 Most consecutive days without a find: 54

Year Total Found Rate Days Cached / Frequency
20053131.023100 / every 3.1 days
20062830.77565 / every 5.6 days
20071071.72626 / every 2.4 days

Number  Date Cache # Days between
#13/1/2005Bottomed Out 
#1006/13/2005When is a Film Canister NOT Just a Film Canister??103
#20010/27/2005Soccer moms drive everywhere136
#4003/17/2006Yoga 10192
#5006/28/2006My Latitude Attitude102
#6001/2/2007The A-Team188
#7003/3/2007Geekfest: Spring into Paperless Caching with GSAK!60

Size Breakdown
Size # Found Percentage
Not chosen405.7
Type Breakdown
Type # Found Percentage
Traditional Cache48569.0
Virtual Cache486.8
Event Cache152.1
Letterbox Hybrid10.1

Difficulty Breakdown
Difficulty # Found Percentage
Terrain Breakdown
Terrain # Found Percentage

Number Date Cache Log
15/7/2005Par for the CourseView
25/22/2005Cache Cows - King of the Hill StyleView
37/31/2005Merci BouquetView
48/6/2005Fort Waul: TXHM-0001View
610/2/2005One Way Ticket To RideView
710/6/2005Forsaken NWView
810/6/2005Degrees of SeperationView
910/24/2005Where in the Arboretum?View
1010/26/2005Word Up! AKA ConcordanatesView
1110/27/2005Soccer moms drive everywhereView
1211/11/2005Sol FeudView
1311/14/2005The Ben Willard CacheView
1412/3/2005A Stomach for WormsView
1612/15/2005Brushy Creek Puzzle Series #1: "Sudoku"View
1712/25/2005Charlie's Christmas CacheView
1812/31/2005Saint Edwards OlivettiView
191/21/2006Hugo the Magnificent!View
201/27/2006How Long Will This Last?View
225/1/2006FLOP #9: Paul Is Dead!View
235/20/2006Cypress CreepView
246/2/2006Good Will to AllView
256/4/2006Parmer Puzzle Series #1: Great CachesView
266/21/2006Father's Day Series #11 - Neenah ParkView
276/21/2006Father's Day Series #6 - Father's Day QuizView
286/21/2006Father's Day Series #10 - The Great OakView
297/17/2006Volente Run Series # 1 - It all beginsView
307/22/2006Cheap Container Series #4View
317/22/2006Cheap Container Series #2View
327/22/2006Cheap Container Series #5View
338/1/2006Volente Run Series # 3.5 - Avail for partyView
348/1/2006Volente Run Series # 5 - Native Americans 1View
358/1/2006Volente Run Series # 6 - Native Americans 2View
368/1/2006Volente Run Series # 7 - Fire FireView
378/15/2006Horse WhispererView
388/28/2006Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Caches HereView
398/31/2006Mountain Lake ViewView
408/31/2006JenJerly Flowing CreekView
419/11/2006Volente Run Series # 8 - It ends with a puzzleView
439/15/2006Rolling That Cache Away...View
449/15/2006EFV CVTO EKVNV ETOView
469/20/2006danger dangerView
479/27/2006Cypress Creep III - The other sideView
4810/8/2006I-35 Puzzle Series #2 - EliteView
4912/26/2006ODS: The Gus Christmas CacheView
5012/26/2006The Columbian Stash CacheView
5112/28/2006cedar feverView
5212/28/2006jeepers creepersView
531/2/2007Drop Shot RigView
541/3/2007The End of the RoadView
551/8/2007LakeLine #1 -- I'll meet you in Sears DearView
561/8/2007LakeLine #2 -- Guess it was not UltimateView
571/8/2007LakeLine #3 -- Almost DoneView
581/16/2007Cammoed Ammo CanView
591/16/2007Why Stop #2View
601/26/2007What Deafdillos love about South Austin!View
611/26/2007What Emmy-n-Sapphie Love about South AustinView
621/26/2007PEZ PleezeView
631/30/2007An geocacheView
641/30/2007279 cacheView
652/1/2007The Star Of PatrickView
662/3/2007What JonATX Loves About South AustinView
672/15/2007KSA1 - This RocksView
682/19/2007The City Swamp #5View
692/19/2007FM620 Puzzle Series #1: Linked In!View
702/27/2007Ancient Wrestling MatchView
713/2/2007SNOT Your Average Match Stick ContainerView

US States (4): TX, WI, MD, VA
Other States (1): District of Columbia
Countries (1): United States

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Milestones: v
03/01/2005 1st cache found Bottomed Out GCKDWK
06/13/2005 100th cache found When is a Film Canister NOT Just a Film Canister?? GCP2WA
10/28/2005 200th cache found Soccer moms drive everywhere GCR3YM
12/18/2005 300th cache found Helipad GCRMFA
03/17/2006 400th cache found Yoga 101 GCNC4A
06/28/2006 500th cache found My Latitude Attitude GCW6D5
01/02/2007 600th cache found What's the Point #2 It's all about the Puzzle. GCX9YA

First-To-Finds (52):
04/03/2005 Dead End GCMK4K  
05/07/2005 Par for the Course GCNTFV Bumped into matticus, Victoria-area cacher, who was seeking FTF honors.
05/22/2005 Cache Cows - King of the Hill Style GCP0CV  
06/29/2005 Get Your Motor Running GCPGBQ  
07/31/2005 Merci Bouquet GCPA9R  
08/06/2005 Fort Waul: TXHM-0001 GCPZ4R  
09/10/2005 480V0LT GCPE8T  
10/02/2005 One Way Ticket To Ride GCQR8E  
10/06/2005 Forsaken NW GCQVQD 2 of 6 FTFs attempted; night-time dueling with HiDude_98 in NW Austin. When I saw him in the first logbook, I reversed my (and likely his) route and snaked some.
10/06/2005 Degrees of Seperation GCQVQG 2 of 6 FTFs attempted; night-time dueling with HiDude_98 in NW Austin. When I saw him in the first logbook, I reversed my (and likely his) route and snaked some.
10/24/2005 Where in the Arboretum? GCR1ZP  
10/26/2005 Word Up! AKA Concordanates GCR3JF  
10/27/2005 Soccer moms drive everywhere GCR3YM  
11/11/2005 Sol Feud GCR941 'Cheated' this one; cracked Stratman's final coordinates due to design flaws in this online coordinate validation page. OMGAHX!
11/14/2005 The Ben Willard Cache GCRAQZ Signed FTF with the owner. Soon TxBigFoot arrived, followed by HiDude_98. What a foursome!
12/03/2005 A Stomach for Worms GCRH25 Blizzard and HiDude_98 were hot on my heels for this one.
12/15/2005 Helipad GCRMFA Snaked FTF by MAYBE thirty seconds from the Tush Brothers (HiDude_98 and Geomire). We were soon joined by none other than Essiar.
12/15/2005 Brushy Creek Puzzle Series #1: "Sudoku" GCRMH1  
12/25/2005 Charlie's Christmas Cache GCRQ4M  
12/31/2005 Saint Edwards Olivetti GCRRW2 Four-star terrain FTF honors sat for a couple days (suprise, suprise).
01/21/2006 Hugo the Magnificent! GCT349  
01/27/2006 How Long Will This Last? GCT5ND  
04/08/2006 washout GCV98G Midnight FTF run just around the corner from my house. Hot on my heels was HiDude_98.
04/17/2006 Come In GCVG0B Co-FTF with the Tush Brothers.
05/01/2006 FLOP #9: Paul Is Dead! GCVQ4M Co-FTF with HiDude_98.
05/20/2006 Cypress Creep GCW4AG  
06/02/2006 Good Will to All GCWCJ3 HiDude_98 and GeoMire hot on my heels for this one (suprise, suprise).
06/04/2006 Parmer Puzzle Series #1: Great Caches GCWCPM  
06/21/2006 Father's Day Series #11 - Neenah Park GCWP87  
06/21/2006 Father's Day Series #10 - The Great Oak GCWP82  
06/21/2006 Father's Day Series #6 - Father's Day Quiz GCWP7F  
07/17/2006 Volente Run Series # 1 - It all begins GCX5Z1 Bumped into the cache owner at ground zero.
07/22/2006 Cheap Container Series #5 GCX8Y6  
07/22/2006 Cheap Container Series #2 GCX8XZ  
07/22/2006 Cheap Container Series #4 GCX8Y4  
08/01/2006 Volente Run Series # 3.5 - Avail for party GCXDJN  
08/01/2006 Volente Run Series # 5 - Native Americans 1 GCXDJZ  
08/01/2006 Volente Run Series # 6 - Native Americans 2 GCXDK0  
08/01/2006 Volente Run Series # 7 - Fire Fire GCXDK8  
08/15/2006 Horse Whisperer GCXPMA Night-time run with bcat.
08/24/2006 Amnesia 4 - Posted Coordinates are bogus GCXDZ6 Co-FTF with Stratman; I hack the puzzle open and he night-time runs it. Love it.
08/28/2006 Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Caches Here GCXYYR Green Jeep? Sweet!
08/31/2006 Mountain Lake View GCY0WN  
08/31/2006 JenJerly Flowing Creek GCY1VD  
09/11/2006 Volente Run Series # 8 - It ends with a puzzle GCY8HY  
09/13/2006 Dropline GCY850  
09/15/2006 Rolling That Cache Away... GCYA43  
09/15/2006 Sniff GCYAFV  
09/20/2006 danger danger GCYCF5 The FTF log is worth a read ... :)
09/27/2006 Cypress Creep III - The other side GCYG98  
10/08/2006 I-35 Puzzle Series #2 - Elite GCYPT4  
12/26/2006 ODS: The Gus Christmas Cache GC1009M  
12/26/2006 The Columbian Stash Cache GC100DW  
12/28/2006 cedar fever GC101E6  
12/26/2006 jeepers creepers GC101DT Co-FTF with GeoMire; got to see and ride in the new TBI Cachemobile.
01/02/2007 Drop Shot Rig GC103KA Threw a starter in my SUV while racing at night for this FTF; Oops.

filler & bcat's Top 5% (in no particular order):
Top of the World,Ma! GCGKMG by Renderin' Located in Garner State Park. Quite a hike; definetly a 4 or 4.5 star terrain.
Trailhead Trial GC9318 by Coppertone, Austin Explorer, & Dan Four-stage multi with some different and tricky redirectors. Great showcase of THP.
Route Sixty Sick GCJAAH by Jigada and Essiar Devious container. I had quite a few DNFs until I was hinted to the solution.
Inside Joke GCJ2KB by Essiar So awesomely concealed, I had to rip it off and use it out-of-town.
Take A Nap GCHFQP by Essiar Probably the best Austin-area urban micro. Ridiculously concealed.
Vista Pond GC2157 by Loonerboy and Wonderboy Oasis in the desert. Really cool area; something you wouldnt expect. Bring the kids and the fishing poles.
Third Moon From Planet Essiada GCJHKC by Essiar Our first night-cache. The effort of the owner made this a twist-and-turn joyride.
St. Edward's Christmas Cache GCH2AB by malawische (About Austin Team) One of many within St. Edwards Park in NW Austin. I had a few DNFs, but it was fun going out to StEP every time. Great views on this side of the water.
FOUNTAIN OF KNOWLEDGE GCQ3M1 by fiddlersam While I am a UT alum and staff member, I was exploring the campus for weeks to nab this hide.
Check Mate! GCQDXA by Stratman and the Hoot Great urban micro.
Jogmuir's Quest GCE62A by The Outlaw Fantastic riddle-based multi-cache in St. Edwards Park in NW Austin. Took a filmmaker out to hunt this, and it was perfect.
Cliffhanger GCA7F9 by Travelling Jack One of many within the confines of Walnut Creek Park. Fabulous park, fabulous cache. Roughest terrain of them all in WCP.
Looking for Love (In All the Wrong Places) GCPXMN by Stratman and the Hoot Partly mean, mostly fun.
Filler Buster GCRGE7 by Stratman and the Hoot A fitting 'tribute'. Really vexing puzzle with a great first 'redirector'.
Dam Rocks a.k.a.Choices, Choices, Choices GCMZC8 by TxBigfoot If youre short on patience (like I tend to be), consider this your first and only warning.
Tupper-Where? GCRFE8 by couplatexans Great container in Walnut Creek Park by some close friends of ours. And this was their first hide!
Coyotee Watch GC6A97 by bloodbrothers There is a hard way, and there is a harder way. Definite energy drainer. Leave the kids at home.
You Can't Get There From Here GC8AA9 by unclerojelio Educational puzzle, and a great great hike.
EENIE MEENIE MINEE MO; WHICH WAY DO I GO? GCQ42B by fiddlersam Had to think outside the box. Such trepidation!
Swept Away? GC91F0 by Cajunlimeys Hilarious. Nice hike along the Bull Creek Greenbelt.
Scout's Honor GCTFAG by aliceinwonder Fun hike along Lake Austin and Loop 360. I approached from the nearby Bridgepoint Overlook cache. I would advise against this. :)
Archimedes Was A Principled Man GCQP1K by Lignumaqua Great 5-star 'difficulty'. Hooray for 'special equipment'.
SoCo--So Cool! GCGXBN by Mrs. Captain Picard Great virtual; its so Austin! Bring the kids for this one.

I discovered geocaching at the end of February 2005 by happenstance thanks to the Wikipedia. How I ended up on the page for the entry on geocaching is beyond me. Perhaps it was a comment on slashdot or some other nerd niche site. Regardless, I was hooked after reading about the activity and I still am to this day. Within 24 hours, I had a Garmin eTrex Yellow in my hands thanks to a kind seller on craigslist. I also had a fiance with a confused look on her face once I returned home with the new device. Within another 24 hours, I had found my first cache: Bottomed Out on the UT campus with some coworkers.

All things were not gold. Not 48 hours after getting the eTrex, our loving hound of a dog proceeded to fetch the tasty, rubberized GPSr and gnaw it to shreds. With a cracked LCD and a mangled body, I quickly found another second-hand eTrex Yellow on craigslist to replace it. It never performed the same. After a few weeks of frustratingly searching for caches with our newer but funkier GPSr, I convinced the fiance to let me spring for a Garmin GPSMap 60CS. Things have been pretty good since then, thanks to the unbelieveable features within this expensive but awesome unit. Talk about catering to the geocaching community! Not to mention City Select does most of the work for us. ;)

After a few months, the addiction has subsided. Thanks to a mild burnout in conjunction with Texas summer heat, things are more balanced now. I have had great fun hiding new puzzle caches in the areas where I work and live. I have gotten many praises from the Central Texas geocaching community for these hides, and I appreciate every one of them. I have met many Central Texas area geocachers, and most of these persons are wonderful at fostering local camaraderie.

05.09.2006: The 2005 Austin Cache Awards have announced their peer-nominated candidates, and it looks like six caches of mine have captured seven nominations! w00t!

06.22.2006: After being wed on June 10, 2006, Wendy and I attempted to visit one traditional cache on the island of Jamaica during our Carribean honeymoon. No dice. Details on our hunt can be found here.