David Soloveichik :: Associate Professor

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin
2501 Speedway, EER 7.814, Austin, TX 78712

office: EER 7.814 lab: EER 3.810

email: david.soloveichikutexas.edu

curriculum vitae: CV.pdf

Recent News

If you are interested in joining my group: I am looking for talented graduate students with a background in (wet lab) molecular biology, or algorithms/CS theory/discrete math.

September 2021: Congratulations to Boya for winning the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad!

David is promoted to Associate Professor starting September 2021.

August 2020: Congratulations to Keenan and Boya on their successful PhD thesis defense!

David received the 2020 Sloan Research Fellowship.

Congratulations to Boya and Cameron for winning Best Student Paper award at DNA25!

Congratulations to Cameron, Niels and Wyatt for winning Best Paper award at CMSB 2018!

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bioECE advising notes (MS/PhD): .pdf


Spring 2021: EE381V/CS395T: Unconventional Computation
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Fall 2020: EE360C: Algorithms

Research Interests

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