EE312/EE319K Combined Experience

During the Spring 2018 semester, Professors Milos Gligoric and Jonathan Valvano will teach special sections of EE312 and EE319K in an integrated manner. To join the adventure you must register for both sections for the Spring 2018 semester. EE306 is the only prerequisite.


0) What are the goals? There are two goals for this experience:

1) Are the topics different from the usual EE319K-EE312 sequence? No, we plan to teach exactly the same topics in both classes (no more, no less). However, we do plan to reorder the labs/assignments/lectures in both classes in enhance synergy. The other major change is we plan a combined final project that will be a grade component in both classes. The final project will run on the TM4C123 LaunchPad, in a manner similar to the regular EE319K Lab 10 project.

2) Is it one 6-hour class? No, it remains two separate 3-hour classes, where Professor Gligoric determines the EE312 grade (from EE312 exams and assignments) and Professor Valvano determines the EE319K grade (from EE319K exams and assignments). However, students will not be able to take just one of these special EE312/EE319K sections, they must take both. There are regular EE312 and EE319K sections if you wish to take just one.

3) How are the programming tools different? We do not plan to change software development tools. EE312 will be taught using the same development platform as other sections of EE312, and EE319K will be taught using the same development platform as other sections of EE319K. However, since both involve C programming, there will be overlap in fundamental issues of software design, development, and testing.

4) How is the grading different? We do not plan to change the way grades are assigned as compared to the other sections of EE319K/EE312. For this pilot, these classes are not intended to be honors sections where more work is expected of the students.

5) What are the prerequisites? The standard prerequisite for EE319K will cover both EE319K and this special EE312 (C- or better in EE306 or BME303).

What are the next steps?

If you are interested in this experiment, please provide your name, EID on this Qualtrics survey. If more than 75 students apply we will select 75 students in a random lottery..