1) Go to https://www.keil.com/demo/eval/armv4.htm . Enter your contact information with valid address, phone and email. Set your Company to University of Texas at Austin. Set your devices to TM4C123. Fill in all fields of this form. It should not cost any money, and you can select or not select whether you want email from ARM.


2) Click on the MDK473.EXE link, downloading the 577,236K file to your computer.


3) Execute the mdk473.exe file, installing the application some place easy to find, like C:\Keil or D:\Keil. This is the first screen:


4) Read license agreement, agree to terms, and click Next.


5) Select a place to install Keil (I chose D: because there was more room on the computer on drive D), and click Next.


6) Update these fields with your correct information, and click Next. Set your Company to University of Texas at Austin.


7) Wait while it installs


8) Deselect example projects (the examples will come from the class web site), and click Next.


9) Deselect ULINK Pro Driver V1.0 (the drivers you need will be installed later), and click Finish.


The Release Notes contain links to information about the Keil development tool. In this class, we will demonstrate the features you will need.