Spring 2018 EE319K TAs

Matthew Barondeau

Matthew Barondeau is a second year ECE Student in specializing in Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems. In my free time he enjoys backpacking and listening to 80's rock.

Akhila Bhat

Akhila Bhat is first year Masters student in the Architecture and Embedded Systems track. She enjoys playing badminton, singing, and sketching and painting.

Schuyler Christensen

Schuyler Christensen is a fourth year EE specializing in Energy Systems and Integrated Circuits. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing, playing guitar, and kickboxing.

Austin Harris

Austin Harris is a fifth year PhD student working with Dr. Tiwari on building systems with strong security guarantees. He also did his undergraduate at UT.

Majid Jalili

Majid Jalili is a second year PhD student in ECE department, he received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from Kerman University and Sharif University in Iran, respectively.

Wooseok Lee

Wooseok Lee is a PhD student in Architecture, Computer Systems, and Embedded Systems track. He is currently working on minimizing energy under QoS requirements in interactive mobile systems.

Celine Lillie

Celine Lillie is a second-year ECE student. She enjoys creating digital art, drawings, paintings, and chillin' with cats.

Prakash Luu

Prakash Luu is a first year masters student with interest in Computer Architecture. He enjoys cooking, biking, and puzzles.

Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang is a second-year ECE student, with tech cores in integrated circuits and nanotechnology. His side interests include education research and gender/sexuality studies. In his free time, he buys cat shirts and competes in amateur racquetball tournaments.