EE381K-14 Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing - Midterm #1

Prof. Brian L. Evans, Spring 2008

Midterm #1 will be an open book, open notes exam scheduled to last the entire period. You are responsible for the content in lecture, homeworks, and reading assignments, including

  1. Dudgeon and Mersereau, 1st edition, chapter 1
  2. Dudgeon and Mersereau, 1st edition, chapter 2
  3. Guest lecture on video compression
  4. Selected papers in the reader

For Midterm #1, you will be responsible for the following topics:

  1. Multidimensional Signals
  2. Multidimensional Systems
  3. Multidimensional Fourier Domain
  4. Multidimensional Sampling
  5. Processing Sampled Signals
  6. Multidimensional Resampling
  7. Multidimensional Discrete Fourier Transform
  8. Multidimensional Discrete Cosine Transform

Example midterm #1 from Fall 1996. Problem 1.6(b) is not relevant to this semester's class.

Updated 02/26/08.