EE464H/K Senior Design Projects Hints

I wanted to pass along pointers for the EE464 presentations.

You must confine your oral presentation to 6-10 minutes. If it is shorter or longer, you are penalized 4 points out of the maximum 20 points (i.e., 20%).

I'd recommend the following organization of your slides:

  1. Title
  2. Introduction (give the context in which you are working)
  3. Problem you are addressing (why is it necessary and what are its specifications)
  4. Design method(s)
  5. Deliverable with a short schedule for the rest of the semester
  6. Conclusion
If you spend 1 to 1.5 minutes on each slide, then you will make the time limit.

I recommend using PowerPoint or FrameMaker to produce high quality slides. Use color. We have a color printer in the department.

Be sure to define all acronyms before you use them.

Know your audience. You will be speaking to other seniors who will have likely had different elective courses than you have taken.

Avoid equations at all costs in the talk. Equations are boring, and you won't have enough time to explain an equation adequately.

Updated 03/01/99.